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Recount Text

Recount text is a kind of text to tells the reader a past event or experience in a chronological order. That’s why, it uses simple past tense.

Recount text usually focuses on a person’s past experience, so it usually uses the word “I or we”.

The generic structure of recount text :

Ø Orientation :

Tells the readers who was involved in the story, what happened, where the story took place, and when it happened.

Ø Events :

Tell the sequence of events.

Ø Re-orientation :

Summarises the event.

Example of recount text :

Barbecue in the park

Last Sunday, we went to the park. David’s family invited us to a barbecue party in the park. We lived nearby so we just walked there.

When we got the park, there were not many people yet. David’s family was already there. They arrived there early to get the best picnic spot with an electronic barbecue grill nearby. When I arrived, they were cleaning the barbecue. They made sure the barbecue was clean. When it was clean, they turned the barbecue on by pushing the button. The electric stove turned on and the metal plate became hot.

David’s mother put some cooking oil on the metal plate, and after that put some sausages, beef steaks and some onions on the barbecue. Meanwhile, David’s father was preparing the bread, butter, and the drinks.

While waiting for the meat to cook, David and I joined our friends playing football. When we got tired, we stopped and enjoyed the sausages, steaks, and some cold softdrinks.

The food was delicious. I think David’s mother is one of the best cooks in the world.

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