Jumat, 22 Mei 2009

Expessing Sympathy

Expressing sympathy is used to expression sympathy felling or care to someone who has problem or accident.

Kinds of expressing sympathy :

Ø That’s awfull.

Ø That’s a shame. Poor you.

Ø That’s a pity. I express my deeps.

Ø That’s a terrible.

Ø That’s too bad.

Ø That’s dread full.

Ø What a shame.

Ø What a pity.

Ø How terrible!

Ø How dread full!

Ø I’m sorry to hear that.

Ø I’m sorry to know that.

Ø I’m sympathy with you.

Ø I’m so sad to hear that.

Ø I’m so sad to know that.

Ø I can sympathy.

Ø I know the felling.

Ø I know what you feel.

Ø Oh no………

Ø Oh dear………!

Accepting sympathy :

Ø Thank you.

Ø Thanks.

Ø Thank you very much.

Ø Thank you so much.

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