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Gratitude, Compliment, and Congratulation

Gratitude is expression that used to said thank you to other people.

Kind of gratitude expression are :

v Thank you very much.

v Thanks.

v I’m grateful to…….

v I want to thank.

v I want to express my gratitude to……..

v I keep forgetting to thank you for…….

Respon of expressing :

v You are welcome.

v Don’t mention it.

v Not at all

v It was nothing at all.

v No problem

v Glad to be of help.

v (it was) my pleasure.

v I’m glad I could help.

v I’m glad I could do it.

v I’m glad I could be of help.

Compliment is expression that used to give praising to other people. Some people use compliment to better up someday or to flatter in order to increase good will.

Expressing :

  • What a nice dress.
  • You look great.
  • You look very nice.
  • I really must express my admiration for you………
  • Good grades.
  • Excellent.
  • Nice work.

Time to express compliment :

  • On his/her general appearance.
  • If you notice something new about the person’s appearance.
  • When you visit someone’s hous for the first time.
  • When other people do their best.

Congratulation is expression that used to said congratulate to someone when get a success.

Expressing :

  • Let me congratulate you.
  • Congratulations on you successful business.
  • My congratulations on your success.
  • Congratulations on your promotion.
  • Good!
  • Tha’s great!
  • Isn’t that wonderful!
  • How fortunate.
  • Splendid!
  • Pretty good!

Responding :

· Thank you.

· Thanks, I needed that.

· That’s very kind of you.

· It’s very kind of you to say that.

· Do you really think so?

· You’ve made my day!

· The same to you.

· I’m glad you like it.

· Thank you. It’s nice of you to say so.

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