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Procedure Text

Procedure text is a text that designed to describe how something is achieved through a sequence of actions or steps. It explains how people perform different process in a sequence of steps. This text uses the simple present tense, often imperative sentences. It also usually uses the temporal conjunctions, such as first, second, then, next, finally, etc.

The generic structure of procedure text :

§ Goal :

The final purpose of doing the instructions.

§ Materials :

Ingredients, utensils, equipment to do the instructions.

§ Steps :

A set of instruction to achieve the final purpose.

Language features :

§ Use imperative. Example : cut, don’t mix, etc.

§ Use action verb. Example : turn, put, mix, etc.

§ Use connectivitas. Example : first, then, finally, next, etc.

§ Use adverbial phrases. Example : for five minutes, 2 centimeters from the top, etc.

Example of procedure text :

Goal :

Marble game.

Materials :

  • One marble per shooter.
  • A hole in ground.
  • A line (distance) to start from.

Steps :

1. First you must dub (click marbles together).

2. Then check that the marbles are in good condition and are nearly worth the same value.

3. Next you must dig a hole in the ground and draw a line a fair distance away from the hole.

4. The first shooter carefully throws his or her marble towards the hole.

5. Then the second shooter tries to throw his or her marble closer to the hole than his or her opponent.

6. The shooter whose marble is closest to the hole tries to flick his or her marble into the hole. If successful, this player tries to flick his or her opponent’s marble into the hole. The shooter flicking the last marble into the hole wins and gets to keep both marbles.

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