Jumat, 22 Mei 2009

Making Appointments

Appointment is a kind of expression which is used to conduct an appointment.

Kind of appointment expression are :

1. Making an appointment.

§ I’d like to make an appointment with……….

§ I want to make an appointment to see…………..

§ I’d like you to come and see me.

§ Can we meet at………..

§ Can I come and see you?

2. Accepting an appointment.

§ All right, see you there.

§ I’ll be there.

§ Be there on time.

§ OK, wait a minute.

§ Yes, I’ll come.

§ I’ll wait for you there.

§ No problem, I’m free on.

§ It’s a deal.

§ Surely.

3. Cancelling an appointment.

§ I’m sorry, I can’t.

§ I’m sorry, I’m very busy.

§ I’m terrible sorry, I have to put of my appointment.

§ I’m sorry, I can’t come to meet you, because I must to do something.

4. Changing an appointment.

§ What about…………….?

§ Is that OK if we meet at 10.00am tomorrow.

§ Do you have another time this afternoon?

§ Could we change the day (time) of the meeting?

§ Would you mind if we change the day (time) of the meeting?

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