Jumat, 22 Mei 2009


Advertisement is information for persuading and motivating people so that will attract them to the service and the things that offered or informed.

Function of Advertisement :

  1. Promotion.
  2. Comunication.
  3. Information.

Language of Advertisement keep the following points :

· Using the correct or suitable words.

· Using the interesting and suggestive expression.

· Using positive expression.

· Text of advertisement should be directed to the goals.

Content of Advertisement :

v Objective and honest.

v Brief and clear.

v Not allude group or other producer.

v Attract attention.

Media of Advertisement :

§ By television.

§ By radio.

§ Bilboard.

§ Leaflet.

§ Famflet.

§ Newspaper.

§ Magazine.

Kinds of Advertisement :

Ø Family advertisement.

Ø Invitation advertisement.

Ø Announcement advertisement.

Ø Article advertisement.

Ø Requested advertisement.

Ø Sponsored advertisement.

Ø Offer advertisement.

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