Jumat, 22 Mei 2009

Expressing Happiness

Expressing happiness is used to expression happiness felling when we are successful to do something.

We can expressing happiness with :

  • Word.
  • Gesture.

Kind of expressing happiness :

v I like.

v I love.

v I’m satisfied with…………..

v I’m pleased with………….

v Congratulation.

v I’m very happy because………..

v Well down.

v That’s fantastic!

v That’s good!

v That’s great!

v That’s wonderful!

v That’s exciting.

v I’m so happy for you.

v I’m happy to hear that.

v I’m glad to know that.

v I’m so happy to know it.

v My happiness for you.

v I’m very happy for you.

v My deep impression for you both.

v You make me happy.

v How happy you must be!

v How happy you are!

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