Jumat, 22 Mei 2009

Noun Phrases

Noun is word to point/signed at the thing. For example : the tall, my brother, loneliness, etc. Phrase is a group of words. So, Noun phrases is a group of word that to point/signed at the thing.

Noun phrase consist of a pronoun or noun with only associated noun phrases can act as a subject, object, complement object of preposition, and object of verb.

The function of Noun phrase :

  • Subject

Example :

The children play on the forest.

  • Object

Example :

My mother buys a basket of vegetables.

  • Complement

Example :

Bogor is a rainy location.

The basic structure of Noun phrase :

Phrase consist minimally of a head this means, in one word phrase like “boy”, the head is “boy” in langer phrase a string of elements my appear before the head.

Example : The naughty boy.

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