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Descriptive Text

Descriptive text is a kind of text to describe a particular person, place or thing.

The generic structure of Descriptive text :

Ø Identification :

Identifies phenomenon to be described.

Ø Description :

Describes part qualities and characteristic.

Linguistic features :

  1. Specific participants.
  2. Linking verbs.
  3. Simple present.
  4. Adjective.
  5. Noun phrase.

Example of Descriptive text :

My lovely home

My house is only a five minutes walk from school.

It’s not very big, but very cosy and quiet. This is the place where we can relase and find our own space. In our home, we really enjoy our relaxing time from the pressure of school and work.

It has a nice and warm living room. There is a beautiful painting of scenery hanging on the wall. My father is a keen gardener. He puts some pots of indoor plants near the door. In a low cabinet, you will see the trophies, pictures of my family, small toys,and some books.

I am lucky to have a room to myself. I paint the wall olive green. It’s my favourite colour. There is desk. I do my homework there. I also put a portable radio-tape there.

The kitchen is my mother’s domain. My mother keeps it clean all day. There is a blue wall cabinet in it. It harmonizes with the grey wall tiles.

However, only few will give my home a second glance. Still we are very proud of it. It many not be a perfect one but, all the same, it is home sweet home.

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